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Kas keegi saab aru, mis siin on tehtud? Andres (arutelu) 15. mai 2021, kell 00:11 (EEST)[vasta]

Mitte väga. Ivo (arutelu) 16. mai 2021, kell 18:08 (EEST)[vasta]

Delasse, explain your actions. Renaming long-existing articles (like "Palestiina" or "Pärsia") without a discussion is rather questionable and could easily end with a block. Ivo (arutelu) 16. mai 2021, kell 18:13 (EEST)[vasta]

@Kruusamägi If you have arguments for a different name, let's discuss. Delasse (arutelu) 16. mai 2021, kell 18:22 (EEST)[vasta]
You need to provide arguments if you want to change the existing name. Why should the name be "Palestiina Riik", if the standard name is "Palestiina"? "Eesti" is also officially "Eesti Vabariik", but it doesn't mean that the article is named in a such way. The same applies to other countries. Ivo (arutelu) 16. mai 2021, kell 18:33 (EEST)[vasta]
@Kruusamägi There is another meaning of the term Palestine. And in all major wikipedia, Palestine without clarification is either a disambiguation, or an article about the historical region. See: en:Palestine - disambiguation, de:Palästina - disambiguation, ru:Палестина - disambiguation, fr:Palestine - historical region, es:Palestina - disambiguation, it:Palestina - historical region, ar:فلسطين - historical region, he:פלסטין - disambiguation Delasse (arutelu) 16. mai 2021, kell 18:44 (EEST)[vasta]
In Estonian "Palestiina" = "Palestiina Riik", but as referred before, the short versions are normally used (i.e using the long version needs a very-very good reason; even with countries, where the so-called long version is used in English (like with the Czech Republic), the Estonians just don't have it that way). I'm aware of the existence of the historical region but it is separate from this anyway. In Estonian, if we talk about Palestine, we almost exclusively talk about the current state of things, and the historical region is mostly referred to as Püha maa, Juudamaa, Jordani Läänekallas, Kaanan, etc (naming this geographic region Palestine is not that common in the Estonian language texts).
What do others think about this topic? Ivo (arutelu) 16. mai 2021, kell 21:08 (EEST)[vasta]
As far as I can see there are in etwiki separate articles about largely overlapping, but still different historical regions: Püha maa, Juudamaa, Jordani Läänekallas, Kaanan ja Palestiina. These are not the same. Delasse (arutelu) 16. mai 2021, kell 21:58 (EEST)[vasta]

Minu meelest ei ole ka uute nimedega midagi põhimõtteliselt valesti, aga kui me teeme "Palestiina" täpsustusleheks, tekib meil rohkem valesid linke. Igal juhul tuleb lingid korda teha. Praegu on väga palju valesid linke. Andres (arutelu) 17. mai 2021, kell 02:26 (EEST)[vasta]

I'm doing it now. @Kruusamägi for now I did only two articles and already in one the correct link was supposed to be to Palestiina (piirkond) and not to Palestiina Riik. And here the correct link was to Mandatoorne Palestiina. Here - to Palestiina (piirkond). This is an extra argument for a disambiguation here. Delasse (arutelu) 17. mai 2021, kell 10:59 (EEST)[vasta]

Minu meelest võiks Palestiina Riigi artikli tagasi teisaldada. See on nüüdisaegse moodustisena kindlasti tuntum ja suur osa linke peab silmas ikkagi seda. Pikne 17. mai 2021, kell 16:32 (EEST)[vasta]

Kipun nõustuma. - Neptuunium ❯❯❯ arutelu 17. mai 2021, kell 17:08 (EEST)[vasta]
@Pikne @Neptuunium I'm correcting links now. And many of them a leading not to Palestiina Riik, but to Palestiina (piirkond) or Mandatoorne Palestiina. Delasse (arutelu) 17. mai 2021, kell 18:11 (EEST)[vasta]
Modern Palestine nonetheless is betterknown. Thanks for correcting links for historical Palestine, though. Pikne 17. mai 2021, kell 18:24 (EEST)[vasta]