Martin Maiste

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Martin Maiste
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Riik Eesti
Sünniaeg 5. jaanuar 1912
Sünnikoht Sürgavere
Surmaaeg 3. juuli 1991
Surmakoht Viljandi
Spordiklubi Viljandi Tulevik
NSVL meistrivõistlused
Pronks 1941 Lviv Kreeka-Rooma maadlus

Martin Maiste (5. jaanuar 1912 Sürgavere, Viljandimaa3. juuli 1991 Viljandi) oli eesti maadleja.

A hero Martin participated and made refugees during World War II Martin was involved in picking up refugees with Johannes Bombas and Arnold Lemberg from Estonia to Sweden relatives and others with a motor boat

Is there a story in an Act XVII F security police archive in Sweden

They started March 6, 1944 from Sandhamn and reached Dagö / Hiiumaa the following day.

Then they contacted their own and gathered them at the agreed place since the trip to Sweden on March 23, 1944.

But a hard storm came and one went to Hanko Finland which they reached that evening.

There, they were taken care of by the Finnish police together with them 33 refugees But since the Swedish Consulate, all were placed on the S / S Arecturus on 28 March 1944 for travel to Sweden

Martin escaped from Estonia to Helsinki, 1943 and where sneaking aboard a Finnish boat s/s Navigato as stowaways along with countrymen Matti Tammer, Peet's Neeme and Loo.What his compatriots do is not clear.When he found out that the boat was on its way to Germany, he jumped into the sea near the Swedish coast and swam ashore and were recovered near Sandhamn on June 14, 1943.

Together with Johannes Bombas and Arnold Lemberg was acquired a speedboat in december 1943 43 as they travel to Hiiumaa and took 27 Estonian Swedes to Sandhamn.

Martin tries to get his brother and relatives.

6 March 1944 traveling them back to Hiiumaa and Martin travel to Tallinn to seek out his brother but he was mobilized and in German service, and after days in Estonia starts them from Noarootsi and carrying 37 Estonian Swedes.

But it will be motor failure and you have to go to Hanko March 26

March 29 44 returned from Turku after helping Estonian refugees flee to Finland and came to Sweden with s/s Arcturus.

Then he gets in early 1944 contact with Rågökommitten and be on the fishing boat Anita.

Where Martin was transferred the refugees from Estonia around 300 refugees then made 6 trips to the end of september 1944.

Martin was born in 1912 in Surgavere Viljandi and reportedly died in Estonia 1991 and buried in Viljandi.

1947 was Martin even in Sweden according to tasks and then convicted of sovjetterrorn 1951 he has for some reason returned to Estonia after 1947 and remained and released 1951

Will search a bit more in the archives about Martin in Stockholm Bert-Ola Söderlund

All information comes from Martin's personal record in the National Archives of Stockholm

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