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Diary[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

January 2, 2009: LA2-bot starts to add interwiki links.

October 8, 2007: User name registered. Bot status requested on Vikipeedia:Üldine arutelu. Begin to make "Bot: prettier ISBN". At 06:00 UTC, some 250 pages have been edited, of totally 317 on my list. I stop the bot for now. In the afternoon, it runs to completion, after bot status has been granted. To achieve this diff, the following pywikipediabot command is used:

 python replace.py -putthrottle:30 -always -lang:et "-summary:Bot: prettier ISBN" \
    "-page:Johannes Paulus II" \
    "ISBN 9985960408"  "ISBN 9985-9604-0-8" \
    "ISBN 9985623649"  "ISBN 9985-62-364-9" \
    "ISBN 0747581991"  "ISBN 0-7475-8199-1"