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Surnu erektsioon ehk surmajärgne erektsioon (ka ingli lõbu, terminaalne erektsioon) on surmajärgne erektsioon (tehniliselt priapism), mis esineb surnud meestel, kes on hukatud, peamiselt poomise teel.[1]

Viited[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

  1. Helen Singer Kaplan & Melvin Horwith (1983). The Evaluation of Sexual Disorders: Psychological and Medical Aspects. United Kingdom: Brunner Routledge. Retrieved 2007-01-26. "Men subjected to capital punishment by hanging and laboratory animals sacrificed with cervical dislocation have terminal erections. The implication is that either central inhibition of erection is released and erection created or that a sudden massive spinal cord stimulus generates an erectile response. There is ample experimental and clinical evidence to support the former supposition."