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Patrullbaas Shamshad on Afganistani Helmandi provintsis asuv välisriikide sõjaväelinnak. Laager asub Garmsīrist 15 km lõunas.

Baasi mehitasid Eesti ja Briti väed.[1][2] Seal treenitakse Afganistani sõdureid.[3]

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  2. "St David's Day gunfire and daffs". BBC News. 23. aprill 2009. "So here I was again. At another desolate outpost in the 'war on terror', filming the Welsh Cavalry, otherwise known as the Queens Dragoon Guards (QDG). Two years ago I was with them on the Iraq-Iran border. This time it was Patrol Base Shamshad, about 15km south of Garmsir, in lawless Helmand Province." 
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