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You shouldn't delete additions just because they lack references. Andres (arutelu) 24. aprill 2016, kell 11:51 (EEST)Vasta[vasta]

  • Hi Andres,, I did not delete because lack of reference ... It was because I checked in others wikis and I could not find this information, how we can check it is true or not?. DARIO SEVERI (arutelu) 24. aprill 2016, kell 12:02 (EEST)Vasta[vasta]
Well, not everything stands in wikis, there are other sources. Besides, this is information of local importance and this might be the reason why other wikis don't include it. The tree (the two indigenous species of its) is the Tree of the Year in Estonia, elected by the editors of the journal Eesti Loodus (see also Aasta puu). The original reference is here. Andres (arutelu) 24. aprill 2016, kell 12:13 (EEST)Vasta[vasta]
Thanks Andres,, I noted Epp, had edited and added references. Best regards DARIO SEVERI (arutelu) 24. aprill 2016, kell 12:21 (EEST)Vasta[vasta]