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An attempt to build a list of cultural contacts between Estonia and Armenia that could be covered in both Wikipedias.

(The same list in Estonian: Kasutaja:Oop/Culture contacts between Estonia and Armenia.)

  • band Atlas [1]
  • Tsitsernak - a radio?TV? show in Armenian for Armenians in Estonia
  • football club Ararat?

Armenian organizations in Estonia[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

Diplomats[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

Armenians in Estonia[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

Estonians in Armenia[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

Translators from Armenian to Estonian[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

Economy[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

  • Local shadowy businessman Marcel Vichmann hopes to dig gold in Armenia, according to Estonian newspapers: [12]
  • Estonian investment firm GILD Arbitrage got licenses for research on seven areas in Armenia in 2007–2008, yet fell in trouble for failing to fulfil its debts to investors. (the same source)

Links[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

  • The agreement between Estonia and Armenia to avoid double taxation [13]
  • Relations between Estonia and Armenia on the webpage of Estonian Foreign Ministry [14]
  • The agreement between Estonia and Armenia to waive visa requirements for the users of diplomatic passports [15]
  • A strange homepage that should be exploited as a source until is not lost yet
  • Jevgeni Krištafovitš "Lõuna-Kaukaasia vaeslaps Armeenia" ("Armenia, the orphan of Southern Caucasus" by a local Estophilic Russian politician)
  • "Rahvused Eestis. Armeenlased" ("Nationalities in Estonia. Armenians") A book composed by Armenui Kazarjan and Ita Serman on behest of Integration and Migration Foundation "Our People" (2009, 2. print in 2010)