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Praegune definitsioon võrdsustab maffia bandega. Andres 21. september 2006, kell 12:54 (UTC)

Sõna päritolule viitab

Another, less colorful etymology is the Arabic morfiyeh, meaning simply "group" (cf. Mafia Island,
a Tanzanian possession where Islamic culture was once predominant, and where the Arabic word resulted
in precisely the same term.) Though the characteristics suggested by the former etymology do conform
to the ideals of mafiusu behavior, the latter reflects the strategic nature of the Sicilian underground
group in defiance of central authority (though not likely stretching as far back, conceptually,
as the actual Emirate of Sicily). In fact, because of the Arabic language's derivation of vocabulary
from basic trilateral roots (e.g. K-T-B, kataba), the latter two Arabic words, marfud and morfiyeh
(as also the related term mufrad, "singular"), are related. Thus, the likeliest candidate for the
actual origin of mafia would be the most basic morpheme of this Arabic root.[citation needed]
  • Kas keegi osakab võrrelda mainitud araabiakeelseid sõnu ning väljendit "Meeste grupp" araabia keeles?
  • Kuidas kõlab araabia keeles sõna tume ja öö?

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