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Kas Humbert oli professor? Minu arust oli Humbert kinnisideeks Annabel ja üldse kõik 9–12-aastased nümfetid. Tõsiselt sai asi pihta hakata pärast Lolita ema surma. Ja kas Lolitaks nimetas Doloresi Humbert või oli see juba varem nii? --IFrank (arutelu) 27. mai 2013, kell 15:48 (EEST)Vasta[vasta]

"lisa viide": German academic Michael Maar's book The Two Lolitas describes his discovery of a 1916 German short story titled "Lolita" whose middle-aged narrator describes travelling abroad as a student. He takes a room as a lodger and instantly becomes obsessed with the preteen girl (also named Lolita) who lives in the same house. Maar has speculated that Nabokov may have had cryptomnesia ("hidden memory") while he was composing Lolita during the 1950s. Maar says that until 1937 Nabokov lived in the same section of Berlin as the author, Heinz von Eschwege (pen name: Heinz von Lichberg), and was most likely familiar with his work, which was widely available in Germany during Nabokov's time there.