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Kōrli Stalte married the German Virginia Lindikoff in 1898, three children were born in the family, but two of them died very young. Only daughter Margareta grew up. She did not marry, had no children, so there are no direct descendants of Kōrli Stalte.

There are fals reports in the media that the Livonian poet Kōrli Stalte is the grandfather of Helmi Stalte, which means the great-grandfather of Raigo, Davis and Julgi Stalte. However, Helmi Stalte's grandfather was the eponymous (also Kōrli Stalte) pseudo-second cousin of Livonian poet Kōrli Stalte (they came from different wives of a common ancestor). This cousin lived and worked in Kolka. You can read about this here (in Latvian): [1]

Dainis Stalts has no ancestral (blood) ties with the Stalte family, since he was actually Dainis Grasis, but after the mariage he took the surname of his wife Helmi and became Dainis Stalts.[2], [3]--Ed1974LT (arutelu) 12. juuli 2022, kell 19:42 (EEST)[vasta]

Thank you. I removed those claims. --Minnekon (arutelu) 12. juuli 2022, kell 20:22 (EEST)[vasta]