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I have more information about this individual, but I speak (and write) very little Estonian. I also have never updated Wikipedia before. Is there a way I can share that with you so that this article can be more complete and accurate? – Eelneva allkirjata kommentaari kirjutas ‎Desert snowflake (arutelukaastöö).

What kind of sources are you talking about? The information needs to be verifiable; i.e., unpublished original research (such as family letters, etc.) is generally not acceptable. --Vihelik (arutelu) 18. jaanuar 2014, kell 01:12 (EET)Vasta[vasta]

Adolf is my grandfather, and as such, I have not only family letters (as you mentioned) but also documents such as passports, travel documents as well as some of his writings from the Displaced Persons Camp years. I also have copies of personnel records from the DP camps in Germany, passenger manifests, letters of refernce, . Much of this material comes from the Immigration History Resource Center, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN. I also know that he lived in New York since his arrival to the US until his death. NOT California. A number of websites that provide access to Social Security Death Records document this: or and others.

Let me know if you can incorporate any of this information. ___

ERKA on siin ilmselt Eesti Riigi Keskarhiiv, mitte Riigikaitse Akadeemia, kuna viimast ei olnud 1924. aastal olemas ja ammugi polnud sellel ajaloolist osakonda. --IFrank (arutelu) 18. jaanuar 2014, kell 01:14 (EET)Vasta[vasta]

US Social Security Death Index 1935 - current Name: Adolf Perandi SSN: 061-26-0355 Last Residence: 11201 Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA Born: 31 Dec 1903 Died: Oct 1983 State (Year) SSN issued: New York (before 1951)

Another online source that shows that Adolf Perandi died in a nursing home in Brooklyn, New York. Previous references to Adolf's death in Cobble Hill, California are in error. Cobble Hill is the name of a nursing home in Brooklyn.