The Beyoncé Experience Live

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"The Beyoncé Experience Live" on Beyoncé Knowlesi DVD.

Laulud[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

Queen B' Fanfare
1."Crazy in love" / "Crazy"
2."Freakum Dress"
3."Green Light"
Band Jam
4."Baby Boy" / "Murder He Wrote" Interlude
5."Beautiful Liar"
6."Naughty Girl"
7."Me, Myself and I"
Dangerously In Love Intro/Ballet interlude
8."Dangerously in Love 2 / "He Loves Me" Interlude
9."Flaws And All"
Pink Panther Dancers Interlude
10.Destiny's Child Medley: "Independent Women Part I" / "Bootylicious" / "No No No Part 2" / "Bug A Boo" / "Bills, Bills, Bills" / "Cater 2 U" / "Say My Name" / "Jumpin' Jumpin'" / "Soldier" / "Survivor"
Cell Block Tango Dancers Interlude
12."Ring the Alarm"
13."Suga mama"
14."Upgrade U"
15."'03 Bonnie & Clyde"
16."Check on It"
17."Déjà vu"
Get Me Bodied Intro
18.Get Me Bodied"
Welcome to Hollywood: Video Intro
19."Dreamgirls (Opening Act II)"

  • Lõpus on laul "Happy Birthday to You", mille Kelly ja Michelle laulavad Beyoncéle.