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Robert Picardo

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Näitleja Robert Picardo 2011. aastal

Robert Alphonse Picardo (27. oktoober 1953) on Ameerika Ühendriikide näitleja. Tuntud laiemalt ulmesarjadest "Star Trek: Voyager", "Tähevärav SG-1" ja "Tähevärav: Atlantis".

Aasta Tiitel Roll Märkused
1980 The Dream Merchants Mark Kessler Televisioon
1981 The Howling Eddie Quist
1983 Get Crazy Connell O'Connell
1984 Oh, God! You Devil Joe Ortiz
1985 Legend Meg Mucklebones
1985 Explorers Starkiller Hääl
1986 Back to School Giorgio
1987 Munchies Bob Marvalle
1987 The Man Who Fell to Earth Agent Morse Televisioon
1987 Innerspace The Cowboy
1987 Bates Motel Dr. Goodman Televisioon
1987 Amazon Women on the Moon Rick Raddnitz
1988 976-EVIL Mark Dark
1988 Dead Heat Lieutenant Herzog
1988 Jack's Back Dr. Carlos Battera
1989 Loverboy Reed Palmer
1989 The 'Burbs Joe
1990 Gremlins 2: The New Batch Forster Nomineeritud Saturn Awardile kui parim kõrvalosatäitja
1990 Total Recall Johnnycab
1991 Motorama Jerry The Policeman
1993 Matinee Howard, the Theater Manager
1994 Wagons East Ben Wheeler
1994 Revenge of the Nerds IV Chad Penrod
1994 VR.5 VR Engineer
1996 Star Trek: First Contact Emergency Medical Hologram
1998 Small Soldiers Ralph Quist
2003 Looney Tunes: Back in Action Acme VP, Rhetorical Questions
2006 A.I. Assault Doctor John Foster
2007 Ben 10: Race Against Time Principal White Televisioon
2008 P.J. Stan Jamison
2009 Sensored Wade
2009 Chasing the Green Dave Foxx
2010 Monsterwolf Stark Televisioon
2010 Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus Admiral Calvin
2011 The Captains Himself
2011 Beethoven's Christmas Adventure Smirch Televisioon
2011 Morlocks Colonel John Wichita Televisioon
2012 Atlas Shrugged: Part II Dr. Robert Stadler
2012 The Legends of Nethiah Grandpa
2010 The Candidate Carl Tucker Lühifilm
2014 Age of Tomorrow General Magowan
2014 Restoration of Paradise Narrator Dokumentaalfilm
2014 Don't Blink Man in Black
2014 Morganville: The Series Oliver YouTube sari
2015 Occupants Dr. Alan Peterson
2015 The Meddler Cos
2016 Hail, Caesar! Rabbi
2017 The Assassin's Apprentice Pete
2021 To Meet the Faces You Meet Admiral Gillette


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Aasta Tiitel Roll Notes
1977 Kojak Thomas Rindone 2 osa "Kojak's Days Pt1 & Pt2"
1979 Taxi Philip Polevoy Osa: "Nardo Loses Her Marbles"
1982 Silver Spoons Louis Morgan Pilootosa
1982–1984 Alice Officer Maxwell 8 osa
1986 Benson Richard Alan Tracy Osa: "Reel Murder: Part 1"
1986 Hardcastle and McCormick Manny Osa: "Brother, Can You Spare a Crime?"
1986 Scarecrow and Mrs. King Randall Skylar Osa: "Three Little Spies"
1986 Amazing Stories Tony Sepulveda Osa: "Boo!"
1986 The Golden Girls Dr. Revell Osa: "The Operation"
1987–1991 L.A. Law Lawyer John Dunphy, Lawyer Joe Dumphy 2 osa
1987 21 Jump Street Ralph Buckley Osa: "Gotta Finish the Riff"
1987 St. Elsewhere Eli Muzzy Osa: "Weigh In, Weight Out"
1988–1991 The Wonder Years Coach Cutlip 15 Osai. Nomineeritud Primetime Emmy Awardile kui väljapaistev külalisnäitlseja komöödiasarjas ning publiku lemmiku auhinnale Viewers for Quality Television Awardil kui parim erikülaline.
1988–1991 China Beach Dr. Dick Richard 54 Osai Nomineeritud publiku lemmikuks Viewers for Quality Television Awardil kui parim kõrvalosatäitja kvaliteetdraamasarjas. (1990–91)
1989 Newhart Terry Osa: "The Little Match Girl"
1992 CBS Schoolbreak Special Paul Lance Osa: "Two Teens and a Baby"
1992–1993 Dinosaurs Clerk / Muse / Ted (voice) 3 osa
1993 Home Improvement Joe Morton 2 osa
1993 The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr. Puel Osa: "The Orb Scholar"
1993 Batman: The Animated Series Eddie G. (voice) Osa: "The Man Who Killed Batman"
1993 Tales from the Crypt Frank Bobo Osa: "Til Death Do We Part"
1994 Rebel Highway Mr. Ed Cahn Osa: "Runaway Daughters"
1995–2001 Star Trek: Voyager The Doctor, Dr. Lewis Zimmerman 166 Osai Nomineeritud Saturn Awardile kui parim kõrvalosatäitja televisioonis
1995 ER Abraham Zimble, Mobile Notary Osa: "Days Like This"
1995–1997 The Cartoon Cartoon Show Pfish (voice) 2 osa
1997 Early Edition Doctor Osa: "Faith"
1997 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Dr. Lewis Zimmerman, Emergency Medical Hologram Osa: "Doctor Bashir, I Presume?"
1998 The Outer Limits Emmet Harley Osa: "Sarcophagus"
1998 Cow and Chicken President / Puppet President / Narrator (voice) Osa: "101 Uses for Cow and Chicken/Intelligent Life?/I.M. Weasel: Tree Story"
1999 Ally McBeal Barry Philbrick Osa: "Love's Illusions"
2000 Buzz Lightyear of Star Command Professor Reddschift (voice) Osa: "First Missions"
2001 7 Days Major Michael McGrath Osa: "Revelation"
2001 Frasier Mr. Koechner Osa: "Bully for Martin"
2001 The Weakest Link Himself Osa: "Star Trek: Weakest Link Edition
2002 Crossing Jordan Father Bruno Casnelli Osa: "Miracles & Wonders"
2002 The Practice Dr. Edmunds Osa: "Neighboring Species"
2002–2003 Justice League Amazo / Blackhawk (voice) 4 osa
2003–2004 The Lyon's Den Detective Nick Traub 7 osa
2003 Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Bob Jacobs 3 osa
2004–2007 Stargate SG-1 Richard Woolsey 7 osa
2004 The West Wing E. Bradford Shelton Osa: "The Supremes"
2004 Justice League Unlimited Amazo (voice) 2 osa
2005–2006 E-Ring Larry Kincaid 4 osa
2005 The 4400 Trent Appelbaum Osa: "Weight of the World"
2006 Ben 10 Leader Alien (voice) Osa: "The Big Tick"
2006 Eve Professor Dawson Hooaeg 3 osa 17
2006 The O.C. Bill Merriam Osa: "The Pot Stirrer"
2006–2009 Stargate Atlantis Richard Woolsey 20 osa
2007 The Closer Mr. Sheffield Osa: "Saving Face"
2007 CSI: NY Sheriff Benson Osa: "Boo"
2008 Smallville Edward Teague 2 osa
2009–2010 Castle Dr. Clark Murray 2 osa
2009 Chuck Dr. Howard Busgang (Perseus) Osa: "Chuck Versus the Lethal Weapon"
2010 Justified Karl Hanselman Osa: "The Collection"
2010 Supernatural Wayne Whittaker/Leprachaun Osa: "Clap Your Hands If You Believe"
2011 Stargate Universe Richard Woolsey Osa: "Seizure"
2011 No Ordinary Family Vice-principal Nance Osa: "No Ordinary Animal"
2011 United States of Tara Dr. Smolow Osa: "Bryce Will Play"
2012 Body of Proof Henry Osa: "Cold Blooded"
2012 Austin and Ally Dr. Grant Osa: "Successes & Setbacks"
2012 Hawaii Five-0 FBI Agent Osa: "The Promise"
2012–2013 The Mentalist Jason Cooper 4 osa
2013 Jessie Cyril Lipton Osa: "To Be Me or Not to Be Me"
2014 Bones Dr. Lawrence Rozran Osa: "The Heiress in the Hill"
2014–2018 Bravest Warriors Puddingtown / Eyeball (voice) 7 osa
2015 Star Trek: Renegades Dr. Lewis Zimmerman Osa: "Pilot"
2016 Lucifer Yuri Osa: "Lady Parts"
2017 Salem Mr. Stoughton Osa: "Night's black agents"
2017 Justice League Action Two-Face (voice) Osa: "Double Cross"
2017–2019 The Orville Ildis Kitan 2 osa
2019 Dickinson Ithamar Conkey 4 osa
2019 Schooled Himself Osa: “Money for RENT”