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Kasutus[muuda lähteteksti]

Paste this into your article, removing the parameters that are left blank:

| float  =
| width  =
| image1 =
| image2 =
| image3 =
| audio1 =
| audio2 =
| audio3 =
| video1 =
| video2 =
| video3 =
| model1 =
| model2 =
| model3 =

The {{external media}} template can be used multiple times in an article, and each instance can be used to link to more than one file.

Parameetid[muuda lähteteksti]

Valid options are "left", "right" and "center". The template defaults to displaying on the right-hand-side.
This should be a complete width measurement including units. Examples: 300px, 22em, 30%. The template defaults to 258px wide.
Optional text field that will appear above the media links.
valikuline tekst automaatselt genereeritud pealkirja asemel
Optional image to display at the top of the template. Use full image syntax, for example [[File:example.png|200px]].
Optional caption text to put underneath the header image.
media links
Each file to be linked should specify its type and have a different number, starting from 1. For example, a template containing four images and one video would label them as image1, image2, image3, image4 and video1. The attribute has a free format, so any amount of detail may be added. The first part of the entry should be formatted as a normal external link, i.e. [ Image description] for Image description. After that, any additional detail can be given on the same line. See the examples for details.
Note: when adding a link to an external media source like this, it is essential that the source page be linked too with the date of retrieval, both to satisfy Wikipedia's sourcing criteria for the statement about the presented media and to ensure that the link can quickly be corrected should the source URL be changed. Reference tags can be used for this purpose.