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The <object> may simply be a string of wikicode for many images/templates.

Valikulised parameetrid[muuda lähteteksti]

{{stack| <objects> | float=left/right | clear=true/false}}


{{stack begin | float=left/right | clear=true/false}}


  • float= left or right (default is right)
    This option can be used to float the stack to the left or right of the page
  • clear= true or false (default is false)
    This option can be used to force the stack to the far left or right (e.g., near an infobox).

You can also explicitly list multiple arguments:

{{stack| float=left/right | clear=true/false
|3=<object(s)>, etc. up to 9 parameters in the current version
  • NB This multiple argument version does include extra vertical whitespace between each (set of) <object(s)>.

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