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I noticed your entry on Andres' user page and thought to answer as Andres is away for another week.

Yes, your understanding of the article was more or less correct. The only thing that requires correction is "Department of the European Union" - it is actually not one of the departments of the EU, but a department in the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responsible for European Union affairs. So, the correct translation would be something like: European Union Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Unfortunately I could not find more information about him.

Best regards, Toomas 10. september 2009, kell 07:03 (UTC)

It also seems he was the Director General of the same department between his missions to Denmark and Poland, but I couldn't find any official CV either. According to newspaper articles etc, it was at least 2007–2009. ([1] and [2]). --Epp 10. september 2009, kell 08:24 (UTC)