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Welcome to my page! please contact me at User talk:Ah3kal @ el.wikipedia

Please dont do this, its Google translate. unsigned comment by

Why are you doing things that aren't necessary and could be done by a robot? It makes very hard to try to follow the recent changes. unsigned comment by

Hello, I only did 18 edits and stoped not wanting to flood the recent changes. All of them where done manually. As you can read at mw:Parsing/Replacing_Tidy, a link I provided in the summary, the changes are necessary. All pages that need to be fixed are in Kategooria:Vigaste endassesuletud HTML-siltidega leheküljed. I intent to fix them all, but not at once, and not in one day. If there are concerns about this, I will of course stop. Ah3kal (arutelu) 15. veebruar 2017, kell 09:02 (EET)Vasta[vasta]
If there is a bot that can do the replacements – assuming the changes don't need any human supervision – then it would be preferable if they would be done by the bot. If not, I would rather have Ah3kal (or any other user) run the tool manually than not do any changes at all. To minimize impact to the recent changes list, the changes can be done during the time period of little activity (in this wiki about 23:00 till 06:00 UTC). Cumbril 15. veebruar 2017, kell 09:15 (EET)Vasta[vasta]
Thank you for your answer Cumbril. I will do any subsequent edits during that time or I will only do 3 per day, and will try to help more with obvious vandalism. Regards.Ah3kal (arutelu) 15. veebruar 2017, kell 09:21 (EET)Vasta[vasta]