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An Infobox actor may be used to summarise information about a person who is an actor/actress.

Usage[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

The infobox may be added by pasting the template as shown below into an article. Only the name and birthdate parameters are required. For an example, see Helen Hunt.

{{Infobox actor
| bgcolour      = 
| name          = 
| image         = 
| imagesize     = 
| caption       = 
| birthname     = 
| birthdate     = 
| location      = 
| deathdate     = 
| deathplace    = 
| height        = 
| othername     = 
| yearsactive   = 
| spouse        = 
| homepage      = 
| notable role  = 
| academyawards = 
| emmyawards    = 
| tonyawards    = 

Parameters[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

Those parameters in bold italics are required.

bgcolour background colouring (e.g. as used in associated colours/projects)
name actor's name; usually the article's page name (i.e. the actor's common name)
image an image of the actor, in the form: "Example.jpg"
imagesize * in the form "Npx", resizes the image to a width of N pixels; default is 220px
caption * caption for the image
birthname actor's name at birth
birthdate actor's date of birth, in the form: Month Day, Year. Consider using {{tl|birth date and age}} for a living person.
location actor's place of birth
deathdate actor's date of death (in form already given)
deathplace actor's place of death
height actor's height (see WP:MOSNUM for formatting)
othername other name(s) by which the actor is or was known
yearsactive years of the actor's career, in the format [[xxxx]] (year of first professional performance) - [[xxxx]] (year of final professional appearance, or "present" if the person is still performing)
spouse if applicable, name(s) of the actor's spouse(s), in the form: Name (Year[hyphen]Year) [or] (Year-present)
homepage actor's official website
notable role the role(s) for which the actor is best known, each in the form: RoleName<br>in FilmName
academyawards any Academy Awards won, in the form: AwardName, Year, FilmTitle [optional:] Role
emmyawards any Emmy Awards won, in the above format.
tonyawards any Tony Awards won, in the above format.
* Only used if the {{{image}}} parameter is set.