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This is a subtemplate of {{ribbon devices}} and is not intended to be used as a standalone template. It renders an individual ribbon device inside a <div> with the given top and left positions, sized properly for a ribbon of the specified width.

Usage[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

{{ribbon devices/device|left_pos_in_px|top_pos_in_px|device_id|ribbon_width}}

Supported devices[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

device_id Description
Bronze oak leaf cluster bo Bronze oak leaf cluster
Silver oak leaf cluster so Silver oak leaf cluster
Gold oak leaf cluster go Gold oak leaf cluster
Bronze service star bss Bronze service star
Silver service star sss Silver service star
Gold award star gas Gold award star
Silver award star sas Silver award star
Valor device v Valor device
Valor device nv Combat Distinguishing Device for the Naval Service
Arrowhead device arrowhead Arrowhead device
Fleet Marine Force Combat Operations Insignia fmf Fleet Marine Force Combat Operations Insignia
Operational Distinguishing Device odd Operational Distinguishing Device
"A" Device a "A" Device
Expert Marksmanship Device expert Marksmanship Device
Award numeral 1 1
Award numeral 2 2
Award numeral 3 3
Award numeral 4 4
Unsupported ribbon device default Transparent device – invalid or no input