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David Deida (sündinud 18. märtsil 1958 Clevelandis) on USA vaimne õpetaja.

Publikatsioonid[muuda | muuda lähteteksti]

  • 1985 Deida, D., and White, C.A. “The Form of Duality: Objectification as Implicate Time.” Proc. 1985 Intl. Conf. of Soc. for General Systems Research, I, 156-162, Seaside, California: Intersystems
  • 1985 Deida, D., White, C.A., and Berkowitz, G.C. “Some Fundamental Aspects of the Indication Calculus and the Eigenbehavior of Extended Forms” Proc. First Annual Conference/ Workshop on Sign and Space, edited by G.C. Berkowitz, 54-96.
  • 1985 Deida, D., and Horn, R.E. “The Indicational Calculus and Trialectics” Lexington Institute Monograph Series
  • 1986 Deida, D. “Before There Is Perception, What is There? Biological Cosmology and the Limits of Knowledge” Laughing Man Journal, 12:34-49
  • 1988 Berkowitz, G.C., Deida, D., and White, C.A. “An approach to a Mathematics of Phenomena: Canonical Aspects of Reentrant Form Eigenbehavior in the Extended Calculus of Indications. Cybernetics and Systems 19:123-167
  • 1991 Berkowitz, G.C., Deida, D., and White, C.A. “Multiplicity and Indeterminacy in the Dynamics of Formal Indicational Automata” Cybernetics and Systems 22:237-263
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