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I do not understand estonian language. But as far as I can see the other pages, english, swedish, spanish, talks about the same thing. But the estonian page talks about something else. I may be wrong, but as I see it money reform is about a reform of the fractional reserve-banking system, that is, a reform of the way money is created. For sure, a change from exempelvis kronor, or franc, to euro, is also some kind of money reform. But when one talks about money reform movement, and money reform in general, I assume that it is the former idéa that is the meaning of the concept. But... well.... do whatever you feel correct. --Mats33 11. november 2010, kell 14:27 (EET)

Sellisel kujul ei vääri säilitamist.--WooteleF 7. aprill 2011, kell 18:12 (EEST)