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suwa 19. juuni 2009, kell 13:50 (UTC)

Uncorrect picture[muuda lähteteksti]

Hi, I'm the uploader of Pilt:Overlap at a mark.png, which is used in this article. I just wanted you to know that the image is not correct: RRS say that the zone is the area around the mark within three hull lengths, while the image clearly shows the zone has a radius of two lengths. The situation described in the picture is a particular case, such as a match race (although in that case there should be only two boats, and they should leave the mark to their right, not on the left) or a team race. I intend to upload a new version of the same file which will describe the most general situation: be aware, therefore, that in a few hours the picture may change and could not reflect the caption. The current image will be re-uploaded with a different title, which I will post here as soon as the upload will be completed, just in case you need that particular picture. Thanks for reading. Have a nice time on wiki! --Vodka Martini (arutelu) 11. juuli 2012, kell 20:39 (EEST)[vasta]

thnx, i'm following progress and will make changes if necessary :) suwa 11. juuli 2012, kell 22:07 (EEST)[vasta]
Here is the picture depicting the situation with a two-lengths zone. It is not exactly the same situation as the old one, as I thought it would have been better to make a better version of that image as well. Thanks for your patience. --Vodka Martini (arutelu) 12. juuli 2012, kell 00:40 (EEST)[vasta]