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The Burning Banner, Ristikivi's first historical novel, takes place in Southern Germany and Italy in 1266 -68. The narration follows young Conradin, the Duke of Swabia and the last Hohenstaufen, on his ill-fated campaign to unify both countries and to become the new Roman Emperor. The sixteen year old Conradin, honest, noble and completely dedicated to his mission of creating order in the chaos of interregnum, follows a path of victory through Pavia, Pisa, Siena and Rome. Then in a single brutal afternoon at Tagliacozzo his victorious army is defeated by a ruthless tactical maneuver of Charles I. Conradin is captured and beheaded at Naples, "abandoned by the Germans, betrayed by the Italians, murdered by the French". -- nii kirjutas Jyri Kork Ohpuu 2. veebruar 2007, kell 08:38 (UTC)

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