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The President of the Republic represents the Republic of Macedonia at home and abroad. He is the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Macedonia and President of its Security Council.

The President of the Republic is elected at general and direct elections, by secret ballot, for a term of five years. A person may be elected President of the Republic twice at most. The President of the Republic must be a citizen of the Republic of Macedonia and be over the age of 40 on the day of election. A Presidential candidate can be nominated by a minimum of 10 000 voters or at least 30 representatives, and can be elected President if he/she wins the majority of votes (a minimum of 50% + 1) of the total number of voters.

The President of the Republic exercises his rights and duties on the basis and within the framework of the Constitution and laws. He negotiates international agreements on behalf of the Republic of Macedonia. He appoints and recalls by ordinance Macedonian ambassadors and envoys and receives letters of credence and letters of recall from foreign diplomatic representatives accredited to him. The President gives the mandate to form a government to the candidate nominated. He appoints three members to the Security Council, proposes the members for the Council of Inter-Ethnic Relations, two judges for the Constitutional Court and two members for the Republican Judicial Council and performs other duties defined by the Constitution.

The post of the President of the Republic of Macedonia is incompatible with other public functions, profession or post in a political party. He enjoys immunity, has the right of veto and is obliged once a year to inform the Parliament about his activities.

The President has extraordinary powers in a state of war and emergency. Should the Parliament not be able to sit, the President is the one who declares a state of war and appoints or dismisses the government or individual officials.

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The Vice-Presidents of the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia help the President of the Assembly to exercise his function and replace him in the case of his absence or inability to attend. The Vice-Presidents of the Assembly are elected from among the members of parliament and their term is four years.

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