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Student of Witchcraft, the seventh novel, has certain similarities to the Seventh Seal (or Seventh Veil?). At least one reviewer was captivated by the outer shell of the story that takes place between 1410-40(?): Dr. Johann Faber studies mysticism, anatomy, alchemy and is finally sentenced to die for bewitching a young maiden (ah - ha, the Faust legend!); there is a short retelling of the Dracula episode, etc. But hidden behind the medieval witchcraft is a mind that grows up, searches for truth, matures, and finally makes peace with the universe. It is a book of new, fleeting ideas and questions in the mind of the new kind of medieval man: Can you really trust a 2000-year old medical authority? Can there be a connection between noble metals and indivisible numbers — like gold could correspond to 79 or 97? Couldn't all people of Europe unite under the same ruler? But the man who asks these strange questions is sentenced to be burned at a stake... and the moment they light the fire, the landscape is darkened by a solar eclipse... -- nii kirjutas Jyri Kork Ohpuu 2. veebruar 2007, kell 08:44 (UTC)