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Kas Wales on riik? Andres 26. märts 2011, kell 11:53 (EET)

Mitte selle tavalises tähenduses, aga neil on oma parlament ja mõningad muud riigile iseloomulikud tunnused. Inglise keeles on "national anthem" (ka näiteks Eesti hümni kohta) ja Hen Wlad fy Nhadau on kasutusel walesis toimuvatel riiklikel tseremooniatel jne sama moodi nagu good save the queen Inglismaal.--Kyng 26. märts 2011, kell 12:19 (EET)
Et paneme selle siis riigihümnide loendisse? Andres 26. märts 2011, kell 12:34 (EET)
National anthemi võib tõlkida ju ka "rahvushümniks".--WooteleF 26. märts 2011, kell 12:55 (EET)
Mulle jääb mulje, et vähemalt Suurbritannias nad loevad seda poolametlikult riigihümniks.w:National anthem#For parts of states: The United Kingdom's national anthem is "God Save the Queen" but its constituent countries also have their own anthems which have varying degrees of official recognition. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland each have a number of songs which may be played at occasions such as sports matches and official events. The song usually played for England is "God Save the Queen", though sometimes Jerusalem, I Vow To Thee, My Country, and Land of Hope and Glory may be played instead. Scotland has relatively recently adopted Flower of Scotland as its unofficial National Anthem, while Wales has sung Mae Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau (Land Of My Fathers) since the 19th century and was sometimes accompanied by (or used on its own) the Hymn, "Guide Me O thy Great Redeemer", the use of which has been discontinued. Northern Ireland too has traditionally used "God Save the Queen" though Londonderry Air is also used.--Kyng 26. märts 2011, kell 13:01 (EET)