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Can you find a reference for book published in 1912? I was translating this article from English and one user raised doubts about the fact. Is this book from 1921. the same? --Papuass (arutelu) 21. aprill 2015, kell 15:04 (EEST)[vasta]

Will that do? Adeliine 21. aprill 2015, kell 15:34 (EEST)[vasta]
The book from 1921 is the third edition ("kolmas trükk" on the cover). The title "Vana aeg" is used from the second edition on. Pikne 21. aprill 2015, kell 15:43 (EEST)
Thank you all for quick responses! --Papuass (arutelu) 21. aprill 2015, kell 15:56 (EEST)[vasta]