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Usage[muuda lähteteksti]

This template is to be used in the "Professional reviews" section of {{Albumi info}}, for reviews by Robert Christgau which use his specific rating system.

This template should only be used for Christgau-specific ratings (or "Christgau copycats," i.e. people who also use his rating system). Christgau's letter grade ratings should be output using plain text, like (B+). The symbols are similar to the ratings symbols used by Christgau in print (except for the scissors, for legibility at a small size). If the user clicks on a symbol they will be mapped through to the image page (example), which provides an explanation of the image's meaning.

Valid input and generated output[muuda lähteteksti]

Input Output Explanation
hm1 (* honorable mention) * honorable mention
hm2 (** honorable mention) ** honorable mention
hm3 (*** honorable mention) *** honorable mention
neither (neither) neither
cut (choice cut) choice cut
dud (dud) dud
turkey (turkey) turkey
invalid INVALID invalid input