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English: Coat of Arms of Dundgovi Aimag in Mongolia.

Official blason: http://www.dundgovi.gov.mn/mn/index.php?pid=32

  • Within a golden circle the blue of the eternal sky.
  • Five white clouds, as a relief in a dry country.
  • Above, a Wind Horse flies with open wings
  • The wings each have 8 feathers, one for each sum and the aimag capital Mandalgovi
  • The horse carries the wish fullfilling jewel (Chandmani) on its back
  • The text label is not mentioned in the blason

The number five references many traditional groups of five: The five husbandry animals, and in buddhist tradition five treasures, five elements, five senses, etc.

The Wind horse and Chandmani indirectly allude to the legend of the horse head fiddle, and the region as the "Birthplace of Music".

Combined Motto: "Protect and uphold the environment of Dundgovi"

"Music gives wings and increases the speed of the feet"
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