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English: A chart showing the electricity use for different types of lightbulbs.
Allikas Data taken from this revision of the en:Compact fluorescent lamp article, using average values for CFL and LED. Halogen values are from[1]. Chart created by bdesham with Gnumeric and Inkscape.
Autor Benjamin D. Esham (bdesham)
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Generated with Wikimedia SVG Chart

Data format The source data of the chart is in the SVG image file in a clearly readable format. You see the original numbers inside of the SVG file in the form of a list such as this:
1995 10.06
1996 11.75
1997 12.45
Content of SVG To view the data download the SVG file itself. To do so right-click this link, and then choose the option to save: File:Electricity use by lightbulb type.svg. Launch any text editor. Open the downloaded SVG file with the text editor (usually; file menu, open). To see the list of data, search for the phrase id="graph1".
Edit SVG Please, do not use a special SVG editor such as Inkscape; the readability of the database would be destroyed. You can edit the SVG file with any text editor, for example; en: List of text editors. You can view the edited SVG file in various web browsers. As of 2011, all major desktop browsers, and many minor ones, have some level of SVG support. See: en: Scalable Vector Graphics#Support for SVG in web browsers. When satisfied with your edits, upload the edited SVG file with the link labeled "Upload a new version of this file".
Code to generate SVG See: File talk:Electricity use by lightbulb type.svg. Documentation see: Wikimedia SVG Chart.

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