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In Project Runeberg, I'm digitizing the Finnish encyclopedia [http://runeberg.org/pieni/ Pieni Tietosanakirja], 4 volumes, 1925-1928, which is now in the public domain. If you know any public domain Estonian encyclopedia or similar reference work that should be digitized, please tell me (in English).
I have a copy of ''[[Kalevipoeg]]'', published in 1992 by A/s "Roto" (ERB: [http://erb.nlib.ee/index.php?10625677 10625677]). The illustrations (they look like 1930s) are signed "H M". Who is this artist? Are the illustrations covered by copyright? The text compiled by [[Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald|Fr. R. Kreutzwald]] is of course in the public domain. There is another edition from 1935 (ERB: [http://erb.nlib.ee/index.php?14767594 14767594]) with engravings by "H. Mugasto", meaning [[Hando Mugasto]], who lived 1907-1937 ([http://erb.nlib.ee/registrid.php?autor=Mugasto says ERB]). Is this the same artist? In that case, the copyright expires on December 31, 2007 (three years away).
[http://runeberg.org/ http://runeberg.org/img/runeberg.gif]