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Bringing back the Balls to Stockholm

Allikas: Vikipeedia
Bringing back the Balls to Stockholm
Lordi videoalbum
Välja antud veebruar 2007
Plaadifirma Livezone
Lordi kronoloogia
Market Square Massacre "Bringing back the Balls to Stockholm"

"Bringing Back the Balls to Stockholm" on Soome bändi Lordi kontsert-DVD, mis salvestati 16. septembril 2006 Stockholmis. See oli Euroopa-turnee "Bringing Back the Balls" esimene kontsert.

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  1. Bringing Back the Balls to Rock
  2. Get Heavy
  3. Who's Your Daddy?
  4. Not the Nicest Guy
  5. Pet the Destroyer
  6. Rock the Hell Outta You
  7. Blood Red Sandman
  8. The Kids Who Wanna Play with the Dead
  9. It Snows in Hell
  10. Dynamite Tonite
  11. Devil Is a Loser
  12. They Only Come Out at Night
  13. Would You Love a Monsterman?
  14. Hard Rock Hallelujah