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Novel number three is titled Riders of Death and follows the battles of the mercenary Grand Catalan Company under its legendary commander Roger de Flor in 1302 -11. The story covers almost the whole Mediterranean landscape — starts in Mallorca, moves to Sicily, and follows the numerous victorious battles around Constantinople. After Roger is assassinated in the Emperor's Palace, the revengeful Company ravages the countryside they originally came to defend and in a final battle (another ruthless tactical trick!) annihilates the 8000-man cavalry of the Duke of Athens, capturing the city and becoming a new nobility. The narrator — a member of the Catalan Company — gets disillusioned, then has to escape the wrath of the new Duke, and finally becomes a simple merchant in Genoa. -- -- nii kirjutas Jyri Kork Ohpuu 2. veebruar 2007, kell 08:40 (UTC)

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