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[http:// Dick Cheney]

Miks õigupoolest seda linki ei tohiks olla? Andres 13. detsember 2006, kell 13:26 (UTC)

from en:User talk:Femto#Blacklisted links:

You broke a link on the page et:Arutelu:Richard Cheney. The link was there in order to ask what was wrong with that link. If you break the link the question gets ununderstandable.

I don't speak your language, if the space changed any subtle meaning, I wasn't aware. Readers please note that the question referred to the link before its deactivation (same for the link below). Femto 1. juuni 2007, kell 22:11 (UTC)

And why should other wikis ban links on our wiki, and without explaining what is wrong? Please answer on et:Arutelu:Richard Cheney. Andres 19:01, 1 June 2007 (UTC)

And what is wrong with [http:// this site]? Please answer on et:Arutelu:Britney Spears. Andres 19:05, 1 June 2007 (UTC)

These links apparently exist mainly to make money for their owner, have no encyclopedic value and shouldn't be linked anywhere, and were placed all over Wikipedia in a massive spam campaign (see en:WikiProject Spam case/permanent link). Such cases are harmful to the whole encyclopedia project, and are referred to the meta:talk:Spam blacklist for Wikimedia-wide blacklisting. Individual Wikis may choose to override particular links with their separate whitelists. Femto 1. juuni 2007, kell 22:11 (UTC)

Teisaldaks selle siin siiski Dick Cheney alla? -- Ahsoous 21. detsember 2007, kell 09:37 (UTC)

Pooldan seda. Andres 21. detsember 2007, kell 16:43 (UTC)
tegin ära, eks hiljem selgub, kas rahulolematuid on. - Ahsoous 21. detsember 2007, kell 17:43 (UTC)