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Kas pildiallkirjad tuleb tõlkida?--WooteleF 14. detsember 2008, kell 12:32 (UTC)

Sulgudes võib panna tõlked. Andres 14. detsember 2008, kell 20:13 (UTC)

Promo alert[muuda lähteteksti]

Cross wiki promo try - see here. Already removed on many wikipedia versions. Kind regards, MoiraMoira 31. detsember 2008, kell 09:51 (UTC)

Response from the Latin Wiki[muuda lähteteksti]

Quite true. But en:wiki long ago decided to keep her, so maybe we will too? [[1]]
  • They have succeeded in their censorship in the French wiki. But they have failed in the Latin, English, and Cymraeg. A French contributor has offered the following:
Bonjour, vous pouvez enrichir cette page, sauvée sur un wiki plus tolérant

Please see Cymraeg_Wiki thank you

Update[muuda lähteteksti]

The message below was posted on wiki-nl and wiki-de by a colleague administrator on wiki-en:

I am an admin on English wiki. I have blocked en:User:Tiranious and en:User:Bamshadan on the English wikipedia as socks of en:User:Artaxerex, who has just returned after a year's ban.[2] My user page en:User:Tyrenius (global account). Tiranious is an obvious reference to, if not attempt to impersonate, my user name. If there is any reply from you, please post at en:User talk:Tyrenius. Thanks. Tyrenius 18:55, 15. Jan. 2009 (CET)

This is similar to what has been done on wiki-nl - same sockpuppets used. Kind regards, MoiraMoira 15. jaanuar 2009, kell 19:17 (UTC)

Please Stop MoiraMoira and his friends to Impose their censorship here[muuda lähteteksti]

  • . Here is the the response from Cymraeg admin [3]

Thank you, Tiranious. Seems this is a controversial issue in some quarters, judging by some of the acrimonious comments on the :en article's talk page. Personally, I have no problem with keeping the article in its present form as we have few women artists and even fewer Iranian/Muslim artists. The general consensus on other wikipedias seems to be "keep" rather than "delete". She would appear to be at least as noteworthy as many other contemporary artists with articles on the English wikipedia. Best wishes, Anatiomaros 17:17, 5 Ionawr 2009 (UTC)

  • . Here is the Latina response:[4]

Cross wiki promo try - see here. Already removed on many wikipedia versions. Kind regards, MoiraMoira (discusión) 09:50 31 dic 2008 (UTC)

Quite true. But en:wiki long ago decided to keep her, so maybe we will too? Andrew Dalby 15:34, 31 Decembris 2008 (UTC)
Hi that's up to you but I suggest you read the english talk page first which enlightened me very much. MoiraMoira 19:12, 31 Decembris 2008 (UTC)
Thanks for the alert, MoiraMoira. What we usually do, in the case of authors and artists whose work has at least some real exposure in the press, is to retain a short article and add a link to our page Vicipaedia:Propaganda. This includes a list of cross-wiki-spammed articles that have reached as far as Vicipaedia. Andrew Dalby 19:32, 15 Ianuarii 2009 (UTC)
  • . I am not sure why MoiraMoira is doing what he is doing. There are of course certain elements that try to stop and censor this artist. Fortunately, many wikis have not accepted MoiraMoira's innuendo (German, Swedish, Latin, and few more). He has been successful to censor her in Italian, Spanish, and French Wikis (although some liberal admins have offered other sites for example see here [5]).
  • . Please read the [6] carefully to find out MoiraMoira and his friends' real motive in trying to supress these pages.

--Tiranious 19. jaanuar 2009, kell 04:49 (UTC)

Please don't post here material unrelated to our article. Andres 19. jaanuar 2009, kell 08:57 (UTC)

Tema sünninimi ei saa olla Guity Navran, sest see peaks olema kirjutatud pärsiapäraselt. Andres 28. september 2009, kell 04:40 (UTC)

See peaks olema Gītī Nāvrān. Andres 28. september 2009, kell 04:44 (UTC)